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Custom Tailoring

Why Custom Shirts? If You Only Like It Perfect!

To most men, buying ready-made shirts presents problems of fit in the areas of the collar, body, yoke, sleeve length and cuff. It is a rare case indeed to find an off-the-shelf shirt, regardless of its price, that will fit the discriminating buyer in the majority of these areas.

However, if fit is not an issue, many enjoy the freedom of designing and selecting their own models and fabrics that are unique to the standard selection. Our purpose is to offer you a custom made shirt, crafted to your individual measurements, within the price range of the quality ready-mades.

At the first visit, our professional representative will take your detailed shirt fit measurements in a matter of a few short minutes.

Following this, he or she will work with you on every aspect of the shirt design, from fabrics to collars and cuffs to pocket styles.

Monograms are also available in many different styles, along with over 40 thread colors to match your custom shirt.

When your personal dimensions and preferences in design are complete, your computer generated pattern is created. After the various components of your shirt are hand-cut and assembled, your pattern is stored in our files so that it can be updated if your measurements change in the future.

We will fit your shirt to 13 different measurements; ready-mades fit only two.
Our collars are sized to 1/4" and proportioned in the front and back.
Our sleeve lengths are fitted to the 1/4", and each arm is measured separately as well as being fitted to the cuff.
Of course, we offer an extensive choice of details: pockets, cuffs, collar styles, monograms, etc.

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